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DST Farms provides Section 1031 exchange investors with unique opportunities to directly engage the farmland asset class through Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investment vehicles. As a sponsor entity, DST Farms specializes in identifying high quality farmland that has the potential to deliver above market returns and long-term capital appreciation, while mitigating investment risk.

  • Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investment vehicle sponsor entity
  • High quality farmland, including organic and regenerative systems
  • Focused on opportunities for high annual returns and capital appreciation

How It Works

A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is a single purpose entity that is qualified for Section 1031 real estate exchanges. DST investment vehicles provide investors with an opportunity to: defer taxes, own high quality farmland assets that are professionally managed, and generate high annual income and premium appreciation.

As part of Section 1031 exchanges, individual investors receive shares in the DST Trust. The property is owned and professionally managed by the DST Trust and is leased triple net to a single Master Tenant. Income can be distributed monthly, quarterly or annually. When the farmland property is sold, any capital distributions to investors remain eligible for Section 1031 exchanges.

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  • Historically consistent long-term appreciation
  • Single-tenant, triple net leases
  • Annual rent paid in ADVANCE
  • High upside annual return potential with crop price increases
  • Limited downside potential with crop insurance revenue guarantees
  • No structural repairs with farmland
  • Non-recourse loan
  • Sustainability and consumer health impacts

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Agriculture Multi-Family Commercial
Long-Term NNN Lease
Non-Recourse Loan
Low Minimum Investment
Larger Property Access
Single Tenant POSSIBLE
Annual Rent Paid in ADVANCE
Insurance Guaranteeing Minimum Annual Revenue
No Structural Repairs
High Annual Revenue Upside Potential
Sustainability and Consumer Health Impacts


DST Farms acquires and manages high quality farmland assets that maximize investor returns through:

  • Focusing on production of high premium crops that have strong future demand growth, including organic crops.
  • Creating and maintaining socially responsible environments with sustainability and renewability of resources as primary priorities.
  • Engaging in federal crop insurance programs that guarantee minimum revenue levels, thereby mitigating investment risk.
  • Implementing our comprehensive land management platform.


DST Farms has formed a partnership with Peoples Company, a nationally recognized land transaction and advisory firm known for providing clients with exceptional service, superior marketing, and extensive industry knowledge. Peoples Company offers its expertise to DST Farms in:

  • Deal Sourcing
  • Land Investment Analysis and Due Diligence
  • Data Analytics Strategies
  • Execution of High Quality Farmland Acquisitions
  • Farmland Management, including:
    • Agronomic operations
    • Technology-driven asset business planning
    • Commodity marketing relationships
    • Organic and regenerative systems
    • Comprehensive knowledge of organic certification process
    • Partnerships with broad operator networks including organic and permanent crop operators

Learn more about Peoples Company at www.peoplescompany.com

Farmland DST Offerings

Delta Organic Ag Properties DST
Delta Organic Ag Properties DST

About Us

DST Farms, LLC was established in March 2019 and is managed by Steve Bruere, Bruce Eisen and Dave Muth.

  • Steve Bruere - Since 2003, Steve has been owner and president of Peoples Company, a nationally recognized land transaction and advisory firm that offers land management, land appraisal, and land investment services in 21 states across the country. Peoples’ affiliated companies have become sector leaders in agricultural finance, real estate development, land and farm management, and investment strategy.

  • Bruce Eisen - Bruce has over 35 years of experience in the financial service industry, managing real estate investment funds and in commodity industry related businesses. In 2006, Bruce launched Green Energy Advisors LLC, which manages a series of ag-based investment funds that have owned and successfully operated 20 corn, soybean and wheat farms across the Midwest.

  • Dave Muth - Dave is the managing partner for Alternative Equity Advisors, the farmland investment affiliate of Peoples Company. Dave joined Alternative Equity Advisors after building and selling an agriculture data technology company focused on improving precision agriculture business outcomes through sustainability and soil health focused management practices. Dave is applying these proven analysis and management principles to guide DST Farms in acquiring and managing high quality assets that will deliver strong performance for 1031 exchange investors.

The DST Farms team has proven experience and expertise in identifying superior farm tenants, providing professional farm management oversight, and optimizing farm production and land values.

Contact Us

For more information on DST Farms, whether you’re interested in using the DST vehicle to sell your farmland or engaging DST Farms’ assets for Section 1031 exchange investment opportunities, please email info@dstfarms.com or call Dave Muth at 515-222-1347.

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