About DST Farms

DST Farms, LLC (“DST Farms”) provides Section 1031 exchange investors with unique opportunities to directly engage the farmland asset class through the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investment vehicle. As a sponsoring entity, DST Farms specializes in identifying high-quality farmland that has the potential to deliver above-market returns and long-term capital appreciation, while mitigating investment risk.


DST Farms acquires and manages high-quality farmland assets that maximize investor returns through:

+ High Premium Crops

Focusing on the production of high premium crops that have strong future demand growth, including organic crops.

+ Socially Responsible Investment

Creating and maintaining socially responsible investments with sustainability and renewability of resources as primary priorities.

+ Federal Crop Insurance

Engaging in federal crop insurance programs that guarantee minimum revenue levels thereby mitigating risk.

+ Land Management Platform

Implementing Peoples Company's comprehensive land management platform.


DST Provides:

To Investors

Section 1031 Exchange Identification
Access to high-quality farmland assets
Diversified returns
Low minimum investment entry points
Secure streamlined investment process
Technology-driven acquisition analysis and due diligence program
Offering execution and farm management services, which enables direct farmland ownership in agricultural markets across the United States
Annual asset management reports

To Landowners

Committed equity source that creates additional opportunities for growth and expansion
An affiliation for debt capital programs
Creative deal structures
Strategies to assist with family transitions
Sale leaseback opportunities

On every transaction:



DST Farms seeks off-market transactions that provide a strong entry point and increased asset appreciation potential. We conduct extensive due diligence and on-site property inspections on every asset we acquire or recommend.


Investment Analysis:

Each opportunity undergoes DST Farms’ rigorous Land Investment Analysis process. Conservative underwriting criteria, developed from years of industry experience, identifies high quality, investment-grade opportunities. The income, appreciation, and tax aspects of the investment are scrutinized, and various levels of debt and equity are considered to allow the investor to properly evaluate their goals of internal rate of return (“IRR”) and annual cash flow.


Land Management:

DST Farms’ investments are managed by an experienced and trusted team; whose goal is to manage the asset for both annual income and premium appreciation. All investments are actively managed and operated in a socially responsible manner, with a particular focus on sustainability, conservation, and water quality.


Holding Period and exit strategies:

Annual asset management plans and hold/sell analyses are conducted on each investment so that investor returns are maximized by evaluating a hold or sell strategy with consideration of the current land market.

Sustainable Asset
Management Commitment

DST Farms, in collaboration with Peoples Company, manages assets according to the Leading Harvest Farmland Management Standard.

Leading Harvest provides farmland investors assurance that their capital will not only generate sustainable financial returns but will also contribute to a more sustainable society. The Standard meets the economic, environmental, social, and governance interests of investors and the supply chain while maintaining an orientation toward practical application.

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