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Investment Benefits


Diversification: Farmland has proven to have a low to negative correlation to other asset classes and serves as a useful inflation hedge.

Low-Volatility: The only investment-grade asset class with federally subsidized insurance programs offering minimum revenue guarantees limiting the downside potential during times of instability.

Returns: Annual crop revenue and/or cash rental payments along with land value appreciation create two avenues for building a competitive return.

Management: Full-service investment management and services focused on conservation, fertility, water management, and yields to deliver sustainable performance.

Reporting: Business plans are developed and executed that optimize land use and employ technology to monitor and improve investment performance while providing robust, transparent information to investors.

How It Works


Asset Selection

Following the selection of a farm, a Delaware Statutory Trust is formed to establish a contract with the landowner. The DST Farms team conducts due diligence on the asset, develops a business plan for the farm, completes legal work, and prepares the offering.



Investors use DST Farms' online portal to purchase an interest in the DST trust through the following steps: Through the online platform, investors will create an account, browse farmland offerings, review offering documents, and submit payment.


Farm Management

Peoples Company’s management responsibilities will include oversight of soil health, agronomy, water drainage practices, optimal crop rotations, and government crop insurance acquisition; consulting with the farm operator, and implementing sustainable farming practices in order to optimize farm efficiencies and socially responsible practices.


Building a Return

Farmland offerings will be managed according to the developed business plan for maximum land appreciation. Investors will receive annual rental income that will be used to satisfy the farm’s annual operating expenses. Any income not used to pay annual operating expenses will be held in cash reserves to be distributed to investors in an amount proportional to their interest in the farm. | 515.223.3895

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